School Laundry

School Laundry Services

School Laundry & University Laundry Services Available?

Washing machines have become a common thing in every household, but then laundry is not one of the favourite chores. This is where the need for laundry services becomes helpful.

Dealing with the laundry is specifically challenging, especially when you have a business like hotel and restaurant, schools and universities, hospitals and so on.

College Laundry Services

Professional Services

University Laundry Services offer you professionals that are very well equipped and trained to wash loads of clothes and laundry. As soon as laundry arrives at Laundromat, the professionals sort the clothes based on the cleaning process.

The sheets, duvets, pillows, etc. are washed separately, while the uniforms are washed in a separate machine.

Laundry Delivery Services

By signing up with School Laundry Services, you get to enjoy the convenience of fast laundry pickup and delivery services for your laundries. The pickup and drop off services are available at your location, to pick up the laundry and deliver them back on your schedule day and time.

The School Laundry Services and the College Laundry Services offered at Laundry Genie covers the needs of both staff robes and student’s school uniforms.

Best Laundry Management

The services of the School Laundry Services also include managing the laundry needs to ensure both the students and the staff members are in a freshly laundered environment, with clean rooms, dormitories and bathrooms.

Moreover the laundry services being offered are scheduled on the basis of what suits your time table and requirements.

University Laundry Services


Best Quality Services

Use of high quality laundry products make the School Laundry Services more helpful, as you are assured to get the best services. The clothes thus cleaned are the crisp and fresh like new.

The College Laundry Services ensure that the clothes or laundry being washed and cleaned are delivered back in their best condition. The professionals make sure the laundry is handled with care and delivered back without any damage.


Affordable and Cost Efficient

College Laundry Services are the most affordable laundry services that you can hire. The cost being divided into pounds of clothes and separate for linen items like sheets, pillow covers and duvet covers, etc. You can simply hire the services based on your needs.

You get to enjoy the laundry services at a very reasonable and affordable price. Moreover, you can also look for deal and discount offers as you become a member of the website.

School Laundry Delivery

College, University and School Laundry Services with Delivery

Clean and Hygienic Environment
The laundry is washed, dried, ironed and folded and then delivery back to you. The Laundromat sees that the premises where the laundry is dried and ironed are clean and hygienic. This helps keeping the clothes fresh and prevents it from getting bad odour.

University Laundry University Laundry Services are here to help you deal with all kinds of laundry needs. There are a range of services that are included in the School Laundry Services. They are as follows:

  • Bed Linen Laundry
  • Towel Laundry
  • Pillow Cover and Duvet Laundry
  • School Uniforms
  • Kitchen Laundry, etc

Easy Scheduling for Pickup and Drop off- In order to hire the School Laundry Services, you need to follow a very simple process:

1. First you need to sign up to the website.
2. Once you create an account, you can then schedule for the pickup of the laundry.
3. Select the time and location; the services are offered throughout the city.

The Laundromat attendant shall come to your doorstep; you can pack your laundry and hand it over to them. In case of School Laundry Services, you can hire the services to take care of the inventory as well.

Laundry services become a burden for any commercial property, business or even schools. Therefore, it becomes essential that you have the right laundry services to take of your laundry needs.


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