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Rental Laundry Services

What is Rental Laundry Services?

If you have a business where you need regular laundry services and you are not able to compete with the laundry needs.

In order to get your commercial linens washed and cleaned, even when you are flooded with a lot of guests, hiring the Rental Laundry Services shall become very helpful, when it can be Business Rental Laundry, Home or Business Place Rental Laundry.

Rental Place Laundry

Rental Home Laundry Services

We offer free pickup and delivery services at rental properties. You just have to schedule a pickup, pack the laundry in bags and give it to the attendant waiting for you at your doorstep. Your linen or laundry shall be cleaned and delivered back to you even before you know it.

Rental Home Laundry Services

We do understand that importance what the workforce has for the business and the essentiality of having clean and fresh uniform to create a good impression. With quality Rental Business Laundry Services, you are assured that the uniforms or work wear are washed in a clean environment and make sure it goes through the needed laundry processes.

Best Quality Stain removal

The most prominent aspects of Rental Place Laundry Services are consistency and quality which every business can use the best quality detergents, softeners, washers and dryers and many more, ensures that the uniforms are crisp, clean and ready and the workforce is ready to work.

Rental Business Laundry


Rental Business Laundromat

The laundry process involve soiling, sorting according to garment types. Irrespective of whether your business is an industrial construction, casual business or you need to launder any kind of specialized items; Rental Business Laundry Services take care of all their needs. Laundromats that offer Rental Place Laundry Services have specialized machines that ensure the laundry is completed on time with the best possible quality. Thus, it ensures your employees and you do not have to worry about cleaning the uniforms or laundry on your own.


Top Quality Service Providers

It gives the assurance that the laundry is being handled by professionals. Each and every linen entering the Laundromats go through the essential soiling and sorting process before it is laundered. Also consider that the professionals make sure that each and every linen goes through the respective laundry processes for effective. Rental Business Laundry Services uses the best quality cleaning products that ensures best cleaning results. It protects the clothes from any kind of damage and helps in removing the stains effectively and efficiently.

Rental Laundromat

Rental Home, Place or Business Laundry Services with Delivery

Laundry Genie Recovery Laundry Services
In case you have any questions, you can make all your queries regarding the Rental Place Laundry Services at the customer care services. Our customer executives are available to help you with all your queries 24x7. If you have any questions about the services, the products used and the costs using the services, you can know more about it by visiting the website, sending a mail or by calling us directly.

Long Term Experience: The professionals working at the Laundromat are well experienced and skilled with the laundry service packages being offered under Rental Home Laundry Services. They understand that specific clothes need specific stain removal agents and there are fabrics that need special attention in the laundry process. They also make sure the laundries that need pre-treatment are treated before going through the regular process.

Free Pickup and Drop off laundry services with the Rental Home Laundry Services offer free pickup and delivery services. You just have to fix a schedule for the pickup and the attendant shall be at your doorstep to collect the laundry.


Laundry Genie did a fantastic job! My clothes have never been folded so professionally before!- Damon
Wow! Setting up service for Laundry Genie was so easy.- Marcia
I am definitely grateful for Laundry Genie, they were able to wash all of my bedding for my incoming guests!- Janel
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