Medical Linen Services

Medical Linen Services

What is Medical Linen and Laundry Services?

Hospitals are likely the top most industry, where having clean linen becomes very essential. Keep in mind, maintaining a hospital on its own is a big task.

You not only have to ensure that it is fully staffed but make sure you use the right services, to keep the premises and hospital linens clean. If you are looking for Medical Linen services, then hiring the Medical Linen delivery professionals shall be the best solution for you.

Medical Linen Delivery

Laundry Pickup and Drop off Services

Medical Linen delivery services offer you free pickup and drop services, which save you a lot of money. You can simply call for the services and give them the pickup and drop off location. The attendant shall come to your location and collect the laundry, wash and clean them and deliver them back at your desired location as soon as possible, which in general is the next day.

Professional Agents

It provides a trained team of professionals that work to give the best Medical Linen delivery services throughout the city of Houston. You can hire the services and assured of getting the best Medical Linen delivery services.

LaundryGenie takes care of the hospital laundries and medical linens that includes cover linens, clothing and uniforms, etc. which are available in the hospital.

Cost Efficient

We at LaundryGenie understand the importance of Medical Linen services and thus the services are available at very efficient prices that fit under your budget. The Medical Linen service is done on a daily and weekly basis. Based on your location, you can get a clear idea about the budget that is essential to maintain quality Medical Linen delivery services.

Medical Linen Laundry Services


Use of Best Quality Detergents

To offer the best quality Medical Linen services, use of best quality detergents becomes very essential. At LaundryGenie, you are assured that best quality cleaning solvents, stain removals, bleaching powders are used for best cleaning results. This ensures the linen is fresh and cleaned from disease or infection. Thus, the patient that is sleeping on the linens is completely safe and feels better with the medical care.


Saves a lot of Time

In order to manage a hospital facility, time becomes a very valuable asset. Hiring the Medical Linen delivery services, you no longer need to worry about having an in-house laundry facility.

You get the best quality Medical Linen service at reasonable prices. Your laundry is managed by professionals and delivered quickly; it helps you to save both time and money.

Medical Linens

Mecial Linen and Medical Laundry with Delivery Services

About Laundry Services
In today’s world, there are no individuals that are doing their laundry willingly. Whether you look for a family that do their laundry on a weekly basis or the business that need regular laundry services, both of them are dealing with the laundry problems.

Cleanliness It is very imperative for the hospitals to be clean, hygienic and sterile. Therefore, it becomes important to hire the medical linen services that specializes themselves in cleanliness and has proper understanding of the essentials of clean Medical Linen delivery.

Laundry is done Quickly
With medical linen services your laundry is cleaned very quickly, it does help you to save time and money for the faciity. Laundromats have large washers and dryers, thus, big loads of laundry are cleaned in a short time. Hence, the medical facility doesn’t run out of clean laundry for patient care.

All you need to do is schedule a pickup, either sign up the website or give a call to hire the medical linen services.


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