Laundry In Houston

Laundry Services in Houston

Houston is one of the busiest cities all around the world. It is not only a big industrial business hub but also comprises of a lot of restaurants and hotels.

The tremendously developing areas like the Woodlands and Katy that add to the beauty and experience of the city. Now, there is an increasing need for Laundry services in Houston TX, with the increased demands of people living in the area.

Laundry Delivery in Houston

Wash and Fold Laundry Services

This is the basic laundry services. Here the laundry is washed in commercial washing machines as well as dried in a commercial dryer. Then it is folded and returned back to you freshly cleaned.

The laundry services are charged by pound for a lot of laundry. But items like comforters, blankets or sheets are washed based on number of items or weight.

Schedule Laundry Pickup

• Signup on to the website and schedule for the pickup and drop off services. You can simply log in to the website or you can give a call to fix the schedule.

• Once, you book the services, you shall find a laundry delivery attendant at your doorstep to collect the dirty laundry from you on your proposed schedule.

• Your clothes are delivered back to you, freshly cleaned and wrinkle free at your drop off location and in your desired time.

Dry Cleaning Laundry Services

This Laundry service in Houston TX comprises of inspection of clothes, then it goes through pre-treatment for stain removal, lastly it is dipped into water free chemical or solvent for cleaning.

Here the clothes after being dispersed into the solvent are slowly agitated to loosen up the soils. After this the items are dried ironed and hanged to prevent wrinkles.

Commercial Laundry in Houston


Quality Service Guaranteed

By hiring the Laundry services in Houston TX, you are assured of best quality cleaning. The professionals at the Laundromat are considerably the best in the complete Houston area.

Easy Scheduling
You can easily book the Laundry services in Houston TX for weekly services. It is rightfully the best laundry service provider that shall take care of all your laundry needs.


Best Customer Service

Professionals at Laundry services in Houston TX will make sure that all customers are handled with exclusive attention and care with short turnaround time.

Quick Payment options
The Laundry service in Houston TX is very affordable and service payment can be made within few seconds. You can choose to pay online, using your debit card or credit card.

Houston Laundry Services

Laundry Services with Laundry Pick Up and Drop Off Delivery Services in Houston

Laundry Delivery Services
Laundry Delivery in Houston TX is available to take care of all your laundry needs. Our only belief is that the time you spend on doing the laundry can be spent on doing other important things. Thus, instead of doing the laundry on your own, you can hire the professionals at laundry service in Houston TX and enjoy professional laundry services.

Environment Friendly Products
Laundry services in Houston TX give special consideration on the products that are used for doing the laundry. They also contribute to the safety of the earth and prevent use of harmful chemicals. Only safe and eco-friendly products are used for washing and cleaning of the laundry.

Laundry Service in Houston
It helps you to save a lot of time with Laundry service in Houston TX, you no longer need to visit the Laundromat physically to get your clothes washed or cleaned. You can simply hire the pickup and drop off service and let the laundry professionals take care of your linen.


Laundry Genie did a fantastic job! My clothes have never been folded so professionally before!- Damon
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I am definitely grateful for Laundry Genie, they were able to wash all of my bedding for my incoming guests!- Janel
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